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The town of Lahore, situated in the northern part of the province of Punjab, has always held a dominant position as Pakistan’s commercial heart. It has been that way since the time of the British. Like many towns of Punjab, it was the erstwhile capital of the Mughal Empire. The people of this region are incredibly hospitable and warm towards their guests, mostly tourists from the western parts of the world. Their warm welcome has long been praised by historians and travelers from all over the world.

With the opening up of numerous business sectors in Lahore, these specializing in escort services have also sprung up. These days you will find the best hotels in Lahore, ranging from five-star luxury hotels to budget hotels. Each one of them is renowned for its style and hospitality. Some of the renowned ones include Lahore Escorts, escort Royal Daulton, and escort Kamran Daulton.

Lahore Escorts offers its guests a choice of five-star luxury accommodation with the option of choosing from four-star luxury suites. You can select your preferred suites depending on your budget. There are also individual suites that are available to suit the needs of different clients. Other facilities offered by them include a fitness center, a spa and a club with a bar.

Rama Royal Daulton is yet another famous landmark in the town. It is located at the center of the city and offers the most exquisite experience of Indian hospitality. The hotel staff is warm and welcoming and makes the customers feel at home. There are numerous restaurants within the premises and also a shopping arcade. The hotel features a state-of-the-art spa with sauna and massage options.

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Escort Royal Daulton is located at a distance of 15 minutes from the airport. The name of the hotel is a representation of royalty and is synonymous with it. The hotel offers an exclusive experience with its rich aura. There is a grand lobby decorated with velvet curtains. There is also a luxury salon with a stunning view of the bay.

The saloon offers gourmet meals, which can be ordered through an internet order. There is a formal dining experience as well, which is provided regularly. Guests can also enjoy cocktails in this traditional Indian-style restaurant. You can also have a bottle of champagne served to you along with a dessert of your choice. There is a spa treatment which can be availed of here.

The boutique hotel known as Royal Orchid is just around the corner. This regal establishment is replete with splendid architecture and is a fine example of the class. You can expect to be treated like royalty during your stay in this hotel. There are several attractions in and around the town. You can go bird watching or go shopping in the nearby local markets, which are a great experience in itself.

Despite all the glamour, there is a homely feel to the hotel. The rooms are comfortable with en-suite facilities. There are a pool and a bar where drinks and snacks are served. There are also separate suites available for girls. The staff here takes care of all your needs so that you are delighted.

The Escorts in Regency Hotel Lahore is located at the posh Beverly Hills. If you are staying in Beverly Hills, then it is evident that you will be among the best-serviced hotels in the area. Escorts in Beverly Hills can make arrangements for you to visit the Imperial majesty during your stay here. The hotel has been designed according to international standards. The staff here offers personalized service.

You can also have dinner at the Raffles Hotel on Rodeo Drive. Here you will enjoy some of the finest Thai delicacies. This hotel also has a spa and a fitness center. You can also enjoy your privacy in this hotel. The Royal Orchid is a five-star facility.

The Imperial Court is a five-star facility and is located in the heart of the city. You can expect impeccable service here. It has five restaurants and an exclusive cocktail bar. The hotel has numerous conference rooms as well as meeting rooms.

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